Orchid Flower

In the shadow of our own production we maintain Dendrobium, Mokara, Arandas, KEGAWARAS, hybrid Oncidium and cut flowers are very carefully after harvest in cold rooms with chemicals stored and packaged before being delivered to the customer harvested treated . Varieties are now white, pink, yellow and mixed bouquets colours.Standard, corsages, arrangements can be made available on specific request.

Export Packing: Special care is taken to ensure that the freshness and quality of cut flowers, orchids deliver Buyers.The standard is the series of about 5 points in the same class and one end of Variety Pack box.The rods are inserted into a floral tube with post-processing to increase the chemical durability and locked in the cardboard box is to box.The exclusively for improving care for flowers and reach their destination in conditions pristine.

The Orchid | Pictures of Orchids

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